A Chiropractic Approach - Eczema

           Eczema is an inflammation of the skin that is characterized by red bumps, blisters, itching, scaling, and crusting.  Although it appears on the skin, it is may be due to a toxicity problem caused by nerve interference.  In a person with eczema, the amount of Cortisol being produced by the adrenal glands may be decreased because of nerve pressure.  The Cortisol acts as a natural anti-inflammatory (anti-itching, swelling) allowing the body to adapt and heal itself.  With decreased amounts of Cortisol being produced, eventually other health problems could occur. 

            By getting adjusted your body will have a healthier immune system and a better ability to fight off disease and infection.  Removing the nerve pressure with a specific adjustment will allow the body to function normally and reduce the amount of eczema attacks.  Along with chiropractic care, diet and lifestyle changes will help reduce the amount of attacks. 

A few recommendations to help decrease the frequency and severity of attacks include avoiding foods with the color red, fruit juices, bread products, and beer.  Other suggestions are to avoid using detergents and sunscreens that contain perfumes, dyes, or other preservatives that irritate the skin.   Supplements that support healthy skin are Omega-3 oils, vitamin A, C, E, and Standard Process products: USF Ointment, Livaplex, CataplexE, CataplexACP, and Dermatrophin.