Bed Wetting

Nocturnal enuresis or bed-wetting has been shown to get great result when managed with chiropractic care.  Commonly thought to be a problem with young children who are deep sleepers, bed-wetting is an issue that affects children and young adults as old as 18 or 19.  In most cases special techniques such as alarms, special routines, punishment, not drinking after a certain hour at night and other solutions don’t work because they are not resolving the cause of the problem. 

Bed-wetting is typically due to a weakened muscle in the bladder that normally constricts and keeps any liquid from leaving the bladder.  When there is pressure on the nerves that supply this sphincter muscles, the muscle is unable to contract fully.  With a poor functioning or constricted muscles, urine is allowed to flow out of the bladder.  Chiropractors look for nerve pressure in the lower back region where the nerves travel that communicate with the muscles of the bladder.  Once the pressure is removed from the nerve with a specific adjustment by a chiropractor, the function can be restored to the sphincter muscle allowing it to prevent leaking from the bladder.