Bursitis is when the bursa or “lubricating pad” of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed or irritated.       This is associated with pain in the shoulder with movement.  The bursa in the shoulder joint is very susceptible to nerve interference.  When the nerves to the bursa are not properly functioning, the bursa is unable to produce proper amounts of lubricant reducing its ability to lubricate.  Bursitis may also be a chemical problem that is related to diet.  This may also need to be addressed in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

During a chiropractic exam, nerve pressure is typically found in the areas of the lower neck, upper back or pelvis. Pressure on the nerves in these areas reduces the lubricating ability of the bursa.  Once the pressure is removed from the nerve with a specific chiropractic adjustment, the function of the bursa can be restored.  With a properly working bursa and a healthy nervous system, the shoulder should function properly without pain.