Condition of the Month


Bursitis is when the bursa or “lubricating pad” of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed or irritated.       This is associated with pain in the shoulder with movement.  The bursa in the shoulder joint is very susceptible to nerve interference.  When the nerves to the bursa are not properly functioning, the bursa is unable to produce proper amounts of lubricant reducing its ability to lubricate.  Bursitis may also be a chemical problem that is related to diet.  This may also need to be addressed in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

During a chiropractic exam, nerve pressure is typically found in the areas of the lower neck, upper back or pelvis. Pressure on the nerves in these areas reduces the lubricating ability of the bursa.  Once the pressure is removed from the nerve with a specific chiropractic adjustment, the function of the bursa can be restored.  With a properly working bursa and a healthy nervous system, the shoulder should function properly without pain.

Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder is a term that describes the inability to fully move the arm in all directions. Typically a person has trouble lifting their arm to shoulder level or above. This can be seen in people of all ages and is usually not following an accident or injury. 

Chiropractors work with this type of issue by first evaluating the spine.  They will perform a thorough exam on the spine and nervous system paying close attention to the areas of the lower neck.  The nerves that travel out of the spinal column in this area communicate with the muscles of the shoulder that aid in movement.  If the nerves to the shoulder are pinched then the shoulder isn’t going to work as well.  If this pressure is removed from the nerve and the nerve has time to heal, normal function and movement will be regained in the shoulder. 


Research shows that with regular chiropractic care, the body’s immune system will work more efficiently.  When the immune system is healthy and working properly it is better able to identify foreign objects such as dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and dander.   Once detected, a healthy immune system will properly deal with these objects so the body is not harmed.  If the immune system is not working properly it can over react to these objects resulting in allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, and fatigue. 

Chiropractors can get great results with allergies by working with the immune system.  They typically find nerves pinched in the lower neck or low back as well.  Once the nerve pressure is removed with an adjustment by a chiropractor the immune system will work more efficiently.  If the immune system is not functioning properly, the body will over-produce histamine causing allergy type symptoms.   With a healthy and full functioning nervous system the body’s immune system will work properly and have a better ability to properly handle common allergens it is exposed to. 

Along with chiropractic adjustments and care, diet plays a big role in allergies as well.  Some foods to avoid include milk, orange juice, beer and refined foods.  These foods cause an increase in mucous production which is increased with allergies.  Helpful vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin B3, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E.  Standard process supplements that help with allergies include Allerplex, Antronex, Cal-Amo.


Your lungs are made up of 150 to 300 million air sacs. If they were spread out flat they would cover an area the size of a tennis court!  Unfortunately when a person suffers from asthma the airways to the lungs do not function properly.

There are two things happening when a person has asthma.  The first is the airways become restricted due to constriction or tightening of the muscles which hold the airway open.  The second is the lining of the airways become inflamed as well as produce extra mucus.  Chiropractors work with the nerves of your body that communicate with the muscles holding your airways open as well as with your immune system which is involved in the inflammatory response.  When you have a healthy nervous system your body is able to fight off any invaders that trigger the asthma attack.  Also by having a full functioning nervous system the signals from the brain to the muscles of the airways are uninterrupted allowing for easy breathing. 

Chiropractors generally find nerve pressure in the middle to upper back and occasionally in the neck regions.  Great results have been achieved with specific chiropractic adjustments to these areas removing the nerve pressure and allowing the nervous system to function properly and reduce the risk of asthma attacks.

Children's Health

            During the month of August we will be discussing different topics on children’s health.  Some of these topics include: scoliosis, ADHD, bed wetting, colic and nutrition to name a few.

            Children’s spines need chiropractic care just as adult spines do.  There is a very traumatic event in most children’s life when they are born.  It is the called the birthing process and can have a major negative impact on the child’s spine and development if left uncorrected.  These minor misaligned vertebrae have a potential to cause major health issues as the child’s nervous system begins to develop and wire together.  The sooner a chiropractor can detect this nerve pressure the faster it can be corrected preventing more damage.

            During the first year of the life, the spine develops the most growing from 24cm to 36cm in length.  This is about a fifty percent increase in length in one year.  The next periods of rapid growth in the spine are ages one to five and again during the teenage years.  It is important for a chiropractor to detect any spinal misalignment as early as possible to allow the spine to develop properly during these times of rapid growth.  Once detected, a chiropractor will deliver a low force specific adjustment to the proper vertebrae removing pressure on the nerve and gradually realigning the spine.