Children's Health

            During the month of August we will be discussing different topics on children’s health.  Some of these topics include: scoliosis, ADHD, bed wetting, colic and nutrition to name a few.

            Children’s spines need chiropractic care just as adult spines do.  There is a very traumatic event in most children’s life when they are born.  It is the called the birthing process and can have a major negative impact on the child’s spine and development if left uncorrected.  These minor misaligned vertebrae have a potential to cause major health issues as the child’s nervous system begins to develop and wire together.  The sooner a chiropractor can detect this nerve pressure the faster it can be corrected preventing more damage.

            During the first year of the life, the spine develops the most growing from 24cm to 36cm in length.  This is about a fifty percent increase in length in one year.  The next periods of rapid growth in the spine are ages one to five and again during the teenage years.  It is important for a chiropractor to detect any spinal misalignment as early as possible to allow the spine to develop properly during these times of rapid growth.  Once detected, a chiropractor will deliver a low force specific adjustment to the proper vertebrae removing pressure on the nerve and gradually realigning the spine.