Heart Health: A Chiropractic Approach

Heart disease is one of our nation’s number one causes of death, for men, and men are two times more likely than women to have issues with their hearts.  One of the most common reasons for hospitalization for people over the age of 65 is heart failure.  Although family and genetics play a role in risk factors so do life style choices.  Some factors that you have control over include smoking, stress, excessive weight, lack of physical activity, diets high in saturated fat, etc.

But don’t forget, the heart is connected to the nervous system, and like any organ in the body it functions properly when there is no interference in communication.  Chiropractors relieve the stress placed on the heart by removing the nerve pressure, caused by a subluxation in the spine, with a specific adjustment to that area.  Studies show that a specific chiropractic adjustment to the upper neck can have a positive effect on significantly lowering blood pressure for an extended period of time; and also that adjustment applied to the neck and or lower back can decrease overall heart rate and blood pressure.  Heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats have been alleviated with adjustments to the upper back which would have nerve supply directly to the heart.   Regular chiropractic care along with healthy lifestyle choices can help you have a healthier heart.

It's the perfect time to call the office and make an appointment to ask one of the doctors all of your questions about keeping your heart healthy and strong.