Success Story: Allergies

A Chiropractic Approach:


(Success Story)

For the past 10 years I've had sinus and allergy problems. It seemed I was allergic to everything in Nebraska – mold, pollen, dust.  Outside activities left me with cold-like symptoms and exhaustion.  I took allergy shots for three years, and about every kind of allergy medication available.  I had between five and eight sinus infections each year.  I was prescribed antibiotics so often that I grew resistant to the medications; some had no effect on me at all. 

Since getting adjustments at Hackbart Chiropractic, I haven't used my allergy medicine once!  I can mow a lawn, workout and exercise.  The doctors were straightforward and talked with me extensively about how changes in my lifestyle would help improve my health.

 The staff at Hackbart Chiropractic genuinely care about my personal well-being and have worked around my busy schedule to get me in for my appointments.  I previously thought chiropractic care was only for joints and muscles.  I couldn't have been more wrong, it has changed my health entirely!


Ryan Coufal