Skin Health

        During the month of July we will be discussing different topics that involve skin health and some issues that may arise.  We will look at how this is related to your nervous system and how a chiropractic exam could benefit.  Some of the topics we will cover this month include: Shingles, Sun burn, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Acne.

          The largest organ of your body is your skin.  Just like every organ in the body, without proper nerve supply it would not have the ability to function properly.  Your skin is a great window that shows the health of the inside of the body. When there are unhealthy organs within the body, they may show as signs on the skin such as rashes, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, etc.  Along with protecting your body form the environment, the skin also helps expel toxins and is host to bacteria that aid in protection. 

          Some recommendations along with regular chiropractic care are to avoid applying chemicals (make-up, sunscreen, perfume, lotion, etc) to the skin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables,  drink the recommended amount of water daily, and  take vitamins A,C,E, and Omega-3 to support healthy skin from the inside.

Nichole Thomas: Patient Video Testimonial

Nichole Thomas discontinued use of a prescription antibiotic, after just 24 hours, to instead, allow chiropractic to strengthen her immune system. This natural, healthy choice allowed her to recover from shingles in just two weeks, while someone she was close to continued their prescription and suffered a long and painful "recovery" experience. A long-time chiropractic patient, Nichole understood the benefits and opted for the healthy alternative. We're proud and grateful to have Nichole as a patient at Hackbart Chiropractic. Listen to her video testimonial to get the full-story on her healing experiences, with not just shingles, but with the pain of fibromyalgia.